Kenmore Refrigerator Problems

I give up. After all our Kenmore Refrigerator Problems I decided to get rid of it. We have had a number of issues with the condenser freezing up. I have had Sears out to “fix” it more times than I care to count. They never could get it right. I was always given the run around when I asked them to replace it. So, now this mess is all coming to an end. I am done with all this crap. In addition to the times Sears has come out to “fix” the problems, I myself have fixed the issues no less than – twenty times. However, this weekend was the last straw.

The Kenmore Refrigerator Problems have been plaguing us for about 3-4 years now. Basically, what happens is this… The temperature in the refrigerator section starts to increase. When I check the freezer I can see it is holding the temperature, but the fridge isn’t. I then have to take the back panel off the of the freezer section, bust out the hairdryer and melt the massive block of ice. The ice block prevents the fan from pulling air up into the refrigerator section. Thereby stalling the cooling, which just starts degrading minute by minute.

I think the issues have to do with faulty seals and/or the defroster. The worst part of the deal is that Sears does not think the issue is bad enough to warrant them to replace the whole refrigerator. Since Christmas 2009, I had to de-ice the freezer condenser coils no less than 5 times. That in my opinion is complete and total BS… So much BS, that even though I still had some warranty left on it. I’m giving up thinking it can be rectified by Sears. I am throwing in the towel. Sears 1 Me 0.


As of tomorrow I will have no more Kenmore Refrigerator Problems… I bought a new refrigerator from Samsung. I didn’t want to go through the same crap with Sears, so this time I gave my $3000 purchase to another company. I’ll report back with my findings on the new refrigerator. Hopefully, we don’t have to throw any more food away, and or ever have to de-ice the fridge again. Less than 24hrs to go before we are rid of all the Kenmore Refrigerator Problems. Just to be safe, we have coolers and ice on standby. 😉

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  1. Dale Key says

    I have had the same problem except my Kenmore model 71192100 has to have a total defrost every month almost, Sears installed a heater tub to drain tube wire as a fix. I hate to say that it didn’t make any difference.

    The freezer section thermostate is turned to it’s warmest setting which is “1”. I don’t think the defrost heater is working or the thermostate is bad.

    We recently purchased a Maytag electric range (Nov. 2011) that is still under warranty and Whirlpool refuses to send a repair person out unless I agree to pay for the service call. The sealed bottom heating element is the problem. all Maytag will say is that “it is working the way it was engineered to work”.

    We will no longer purchase any products made by Whirlpool Corporation. GE, Frigidare may be better choices or maybe Bosch, LG or other brands like imports.

    I have filed a complaint with the Oregon State Attorney Generals office and Cunsumer Reports. Next I will turn it over to an attorney before the warranty is up.

    • says

      It’s so sad, when documented issues… while in warranty still do not mean jack-diddly to the manufacturer. I am very sorry to hear your issues as well. It’s such a sad shame. We too will avoid certain brands as well. To include buying things from Sears.

    • jerry colligan says

      I have the same problem with my Kenmore. I purchased the extended warranty when they came to defrost the Refrigerator on July 2, 2012. Today is July 9, 2013 and I have the same problem and they want me to but another warranty. It expired 7 days ago. Not a chance. However, I am taking the entire Refrigerator back to the Sears store, right thru the entire mall and drop it off at the managers office. Sears got my money for the last time, everything they sell is garbage. Then every time I am in the mall I will go to Sears and walk thru the appliance section shouting that Sears sells defective products and not to buy their garbage. If everyone did this and got just one person each not to buy from Sears maybe that would make a slight differnece

  2. ana groover says

    I had to buy a new fridge. I wanted a bisque color. Found out it is almost impossible to find a fridge that is not black or stainless steel. I found myself standing in front of fridges that look like elevator doors. I hate stainless looks like something out of a hospital dispensery or an old elevator. What’s the matter with manufacturers not everyone wants a cold dark kitchen – these black or stainless appliances are horrid

  3. J. Stevens says

    Kenmore fridge purchased in 2012. $1200. Constant problems with the freezer icing up. No service from Sears or consideration for this issue which is well documented. Poor product from Kenmore, poor service from Sears. We will never go back and never purchase Kenmore again. Don’t make the same mistake. Even if you are covered under warranty the inconvenience when your fridge fails is massive. If Sears / Kenmore had any integrity they would recall and replace these units. When we call and try to discuss with them they claim there are no problems and try to sell us more warranty time. We’ve learned our lesson.

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