Sailor Jentle Souten Ink Review

Sailor Jentle Souten

Sailor Jentle Souten [full size photo] – I have been playing with a pair of inks from Sailor recently. Additionally, I have been taking my time in consolidating and considering my thoughts surrounding these inks. My methodical approach, is due in part to the fact I haven’t compiled an ink review in some time. Thanks to Ron from Pen Chalet, who sent over this bottle of Sailor Jentle Souten to review.

As I have been playing with Souten from Sailor, I figured it needed to be loaded in a pen from Sailor. For the past month or so, it has resided in my Sailor Demonstrator 1911 fountain pen.

I really have enjoyed playing with Sailor Jentle Souten Ink… doodling, writing, jotting notes getting to know it’s subtleties and nuances. Our time together, has created a somewhat intimate attachment. Pen and ink preferences, in my opinion, are a socioemotional selection that gradually builds with time. As our choices, preferences and tendencies shift with age, some accounts will build up a venerable level of luster. Sailor Souten is doing just that.

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Sailor Jentle Souten Thoughts

Instantly I noticed it’s beauty, the way it plays with the various papers I have used. Shading is beautiful in some of the broader pens… If only I had the level of refinement, skill and style to showcase these properties, I would be set! I digress… Sailor Jentle Souten plays comfortably within the office, furthermore, it has a duality about it — being equally fun and thoroughly enjoyable.

I found that the ink has a graphite feel to it, it’s dry, yet smooth, almost slick. Souten seems to have nice lubricity, even while drying in a flash. In my dry time test, it didn’t smudge even in the one second test. The ink overall is well behaved, considerate to the pen, paper and wielder. It hasn’t dried out nor gummed up any of the pens I loaded.

I noticed a specific scent that emanates from the ink, yes I smell my inks. I have a keen sniffer… Personally, scent is important, Souten’s aroma instills within me thoughts of art supplies. Somehow, it evokes a pleasant memory from my past. It isn’t smelly, rather it probably has to do with the additives in the ink, which keep it stable.

In conclusion, I have found a new partner in crime, who is aptly suited to deal with my needs at work, and at play. Sailor Jentle Souten, has left an indelible mark on my level of preference. If you are looking for a nice ink to try, this is definitely worth a go.

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Full disclosure: I received this ink for testing, evaluation and review. I pride myself on being as thorough as I can in my unbiased reviews. The fact I recieved this for free has no bearing on my review. That being said, thank you Pen Chalet for providing the ink for review.

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